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Top 10 Reasons to Keep Paid Search Running During A Pandemic

Top 10 Reasons To Continue Your Digital Marketing During a Pandemic

I know many of us are a little freaked out at the moment. There is a lot of confusion about what is happening with the Covid-19 virus. Markets have taken a beating, clients are pulling out of face-to-face meetings, trade shows are cancelling major events, the NBA and most other major sports are doing the same. Supermarkets are running out of toilet paper and water…add to all of this an uncertain future of how all of this plays out. We are in a time of trouble but it is not time to panic. Nor is it ever.

When the body goes into panic mode…the flight or fight response is triggered. We’ve all experienced it. It’s a horrid feeling and it can set neurons firing off faster than we can process what is happening. Let’s all take a few seconds to breathe and find our inner spirit animal…1…2…3…breathe…4…ok…good? Good.

It is understandable that the very first reaction is to pull the plug on expenses. Shore up cash. Save for the unknown. Most certainly we should follow CDC recommendations and wash our hands, cover our mouth when we cough, and keep direct personal contact to a minimum. All of this is preventative measures our grandmothers taught us when we got our first cold of flu.


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