Science of Digital Marketing/Review
Scientific Sense of Integrity

In the age-old industry of general advertising, there are all types of people. In the internet advertising industry, one finds many people with an almost scientific sense of integrity. Cause & effects are measurable: impressions, clicks, conversions, orders, sales. One can research, one can trace, one can discover… Few people go to the end of the story to find explanations that make sense, then check their answers multiple times. Alton is one of these people!

Working with him, for almost a year now, has felt like having Lieutenant Columbo on your team. Alton seeks the answer, the right answer, then builds from there to gain efficiencies and increase sales for his company.

Alton is also very encouraging and supportive as a client, for he knows that doing good work in internet advertising is not easy and requires expertise. He has plenty of it himself, (esp. using Yahoo search).

I recommend Alton highly as an Internet marketing expert manager

Frederic B.


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