Alton J. Duderstadt II | President | Chief Searchologist
Alton J. Duderstadt II
Alton J. Duderstadt II

Alton J. Duderstadt II / President / Chief Searcholgist

Alton started his career in digital marketing in 2000 – 2001. First with Velocity magazine and leading up efforts to digitize and push the magazine online.  Shortly thereafter, Alton found his way into SEO, PPC, and digital sales with LocalLaunch! He was hooked on digital from that moment on. In 2009, Alton J. Duderstadt II, launched Searchology. He has had the distinct opportunity to work with some of the nations top brands and local companies [local/national].

His focus is paid search, digital strategy, search engine optimization, social media optimization, social media marketing, content creation, tracking, website design, project management, affiliate marketing, and various digital tools. In recent years, Alton had the distinct privilege of teaching Digital Marketing, New Media Strategies, and Social Media at Columbia College Chicago for several years. Currently, Alton remains both the founder of Searchology and is a midwest trainer for Imparture – one of the world leaders in digital marketing and social media training.

10 Facts:

  • Years in Digital A&M: 12 [+]
  • Teaches at Columbia College Chicago / 4 years [awaiting new assignment]
  • Favorite Band/Musicians: Blackberry Smoke, Prince, The Rolling Stones
  • Drummer of 30 years
  • Dog Lover
  • Went to Missouri Military Academy, St. John’s Military Academy and Midwest Military Academy
  • Knows the truth is out there
  • Past President of OX Western Illinois University [95′]
  • Loves Shakespeare
  • Favorite quote: “Ambitions debt is paid.”


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