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  • Google Is Brining The Hammer Down on QA

    I've had some new business join my growing client roster recently. This of course is a good thing...however the one of the primary complaints is ads not showing up in Ad Words for poor quality scores. I have a simple formula I'd like to share...and if you have read the Google Ad Words guidelines you will find that what I recommend is not much different than what Google already recommends.

    Here is my formula for higher quality scores with Google Ad Words.

    Keywords + ad copy + landing page = higher quality score

    Sure its simple and pretty straight forward. However, if you have too many products or services and are trying to push too many paid search keywords through the same page without marketing some type of lading page adjustments your quality score will suffer. Here are some other pointers for higher quality scores.

    • Build a unique landing page for each major ad group or each major PPC campaign
    • If possible try and buy a URL which is relev...
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  • The Real Cost of Advertising Online

    A good friend of mine [he is also a independent internet marketing consultant] had a very interesting conversation this morning. Our talk was all about the real cost of website marketing and the big fees some Internet marketing firms charge for their services. Why do they charge so much and does that have a potential impact on the botique online firms and the independent marketing consultants? Moreover, what does that do to the businesses who become obligated to pay these hefty bills? In the current turbulent economic climate, all sizes of businesses are going out of business in the thousands across the country. One would think that truth and justice would prevail in harsh times. Or some type of ethical honesty would arise from all sides of business to help one another through this harsh period. No, not in the online marketing industry or Capital Hill. Much like the Truth In Lending Act ,  I believe too...
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