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  • Keyword Level Tracking for Calls Now In AdWords

    Website Call Conversions Are Here

    At Searchology, we love it when our clients see their click-to-call metrics. What gets us excited about these reports is that not only do we know where the call was made from, what time of the day they were made, or how long the calls were, it's that they don’t cost our clients anything. When a visitor clicks on your phone number extension in your ads it doesn’t count as a click, and therefore costs you nothing. It’s having your cake and eating it too. How great is that? But wait – it gets even better. Now, in Ad Words, you can see which keywords are driving your phone conversions. Seventy percent of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from PPC ads. This new functionality helps marketers get more information out of these calls. A happy client makes for a happy business owner...
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  • Net Neutrality At Risk – What’s the worst that could happen?

    Verizon just won a major battle against Net Neutrality. A US appeals court struck down the notion that the FCC can require major ISPs to treat all Internet traffic as equal. Put another way, this ruling opens Pandora's box of paid channels for the rich and poor. Those that can and are willing for access to websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook and other major sites may have to pay top dollar. The possibility now exists for companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and other provides to package websites and search engines much like you currently pay for cable packages. Individuals who cannot pay for this access will not have access to major search engines, websites or access to small business website. Individuals with the ability to pay [potentially high prices] can have full access to information. So, what is the worst that c...
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  • Social Media is not what you think: Digital reality check

    Social Media - A digital reality check 

    I've been involved in online and Internet marketing for over a decade. I've executed paid search campaigns that have delivered 6 to 1 for every dollar spent...and 25 to 1 for every dollar spent. I've seen first had the impact of search engine optimization and the positive impact it can have on a website. This isn't about me or what I've done for clients...not at all. This about giving social media a new name. Giving social media it's due justice. The justice it deserves is a slow and painful death. I say draw and quarter the concept while we still can. Why would I say that? It is a little medieval is it not? Social media is about communication. It is about listening. It is about providing something to your audience without the expectation of getting a sale in return. Social media is not about 'media' but about how we are interacting with one another online via new platforms. There is nothing n...
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  • Can You Get Sued For What You Post Online? You bet.

    Fox News Chicago had a very interesting special report about a local doctor who sued patients over comments made on Yelp and City Search reviews. As I am not a lawyer, all though I like to play one in my own mind, it is not for me to debate what constitutes for libel and slanderous commentary. However, I believe it is important to stress the new state [emerging state] of our online world.

    What you post online in FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, review websites, or your blog can land you in a world of trouble. It is unfortunate that we cannot share our thoughts regarding our weekend without the sneaking suspicion that a future employer may find the information and reject you for a job. It could be worse, you could write a truthful comment about...
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  • Google, Net Neutrality & Thrid Half of Your Brain

    There has been so much news in happening on the search engine landscape it's hard to keep up. Search firms, internet marketing professionals, and those in the search engine optimization disciplines are ready for a breather. The really big news falls between the recent announcement of Google and Verizion's [GoogleVerizon ] take on net neutrality and the recent launch of Google Instant. 

    The recent proposal has some okay ideas and some ideas that were epic failures. Personally, I don't believe the proposal will go anywhere as it outlines a) the requirement for the FCC to authority and oversight of broadband access services b) paid placement could dominate the Internet c) what is considered "lawful" content can be very subjective d) other noted exceptions that could completely kill freedom of the Internet.

    Sure this is pretty troubling...until Google unleashed "...
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  • Pay Per Click Advertising and the Client Role

    When you hire on a searchologist or Internet marketing firm to work on your pay per click may never know the true importance of your input. Professional search engine marketers [searchologists] bring their knowledge of how to set up, run, create and track pay per click efforts. The knowledge you bring to the table is just as important to the success of the paid search marketing as the information and knowhow professionals offer.

    As a professional in your particular market or industry, you will have more insight into what you are looking for and who you are trying to reach out to with pay per click advertising. You will have great insight regarding keywords, demographics, consumer profiles, and prospect profiles. This information you already have about these variables and more will impact the outcome of all paid search marketing.  

    Be sure to share as much as you can about who you are targeting, what the profile of a "typical" audien...
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  • Google Personalized Search…just got personal

    Google has announced the Google personalized search experience. If any of you are keeping tabs out there...universal search, personal search, social search, real time search...this is why search engine optimization can be very difficult. Imagine trying to keep up with Google. I'm still not 100% sold on Google's "do no evil" message.

    I've been working on a client project recently and I've notices some VERY lame attempts by Google to lure away searching individuals with rather unsavory methods. The same methods that Google frowns on when advertising under competitive brand terms in Ad Words [to a very liberal extent]. Take a test drive for yourself. Type in "circle" for giggles. Take a look at the paid search results on the left side. Do you or do you not see a sponsored ad by Google asking if you are having trouble understanding the word 'circle'.

    So, what does this ...
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  • Hearding The Social Media Cats

    I a fantastic post by Rebecca Lieb, "Here Come The Social Media Carpetbaggers" from Clicks, she discusses the hoard of social media experts who have come streaming out of the wood work with proposals in had and "expert banners" waving. I've said for some time now that social media should be taken in stride and should not be used to generate sales of any type. Sure, if sales "accedently" or unintentionally arise from social media marketing...that is a wonderful thing. If your objective is to accomplish this task it is going to end up a major epic fail.

    I find it as amazing as Rebecca does, how everyone and their distant uncle can now execute, build, track, and offer bright shiney success stories about how well they have done for their clients with social media. Much like Rebecca's comments, I firmly believe that if you are going to pursue social media you should do it in house. The cost in human hours to build out socia...
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  • Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Expectations – Busted Part 1

    Many business owners I have spoken to have had great expectations about search engine optimization, pay per click, and social media. With this in mind...I wanted to address the reality of what search can do for your business and how you should REALLY prepare. Here is a quick list of Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Expectations Busted by Searchology 101.

    1. No one can get you to the top of Google for your top keywords overnight. Search engine optimization takes time...and it can take months to gain higher raking on important keywords.

    2. Search engine optimization professionals don't know the "Google Code" to get you to the top of the Google search results. The Google algorithms are a mystery to all but Google. Most SEO professionals know a great deal to get you better natural search results but can't promise top listings for high search terms.

    3. The social media craze is not the new search. Yes, social media is very cool and it makes it very easy to stay in touc...
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  • Competition – How far do you go?

    I've been asked many times over the years..."So, how can I go after my competition? Can I use their name(s) in my ads? Can I go after their keywords?" These are vary tough questions to answer and very easy questions to ask. To give you the very simple answer. No, do not go after your online competitors online by using or marketing under their own company or brand names. My reason, do you like it when they do the same to you?

    I have had a few lawyers in my day contact my peers to have them cease all online marketing under competitive brand terms. I've personally witnessed red faced lawyers screaming through the phone swearing a holy judgment and legal action to the end of days because of using branded terms and company names to display ads and market online.

    To most individuals that are online marketers or searchologists...I say don't do it. Your competitors will figure it our sooner or later and return the favor and you are not going to like it one bit.  To my clien...
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