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  • Online Privacy & Freedom – Now At Risk

    Most of us are aware of the Occupy Wall Street [OWS] protests and their message of raising awareness of the vast chasm between the rich and poor. The 1% get all of the breaks and the 99% get the boot. I am not one to argue their point. I am not one to say that there isn't something truly amiss with the disparity between the very wealthy in this country and those less fortunate. There is...and it is systemic, ongoing and desperately needs to be addressed at the highest levels. While most of us may believe that the aforementioned is a major issue...there is a bigger issue that is NOT being covered by the mainstream media and issues that are much closer the the very core and fabric of our nation. Our very freedoms are under direct assault by those who hold political office. What I find interesting and a little frightening is this: the Occupy movement has awakened sleeping giants. The giants - those who seek to stop any type of protest in its tracks. The
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  • Where to spend marketing budgets online – Big Questions

    At the start of the Internet revolution there were limited choices for website surfers. Yahoo, Netscape and in 2004...Google peaked with 84.7% of all search engine requests. How times have changed.Facebook now claims 800 million users with 50% checking in every day. Recent reports from Pew show that 83% of all Americans own a cell phone and 51% use their phones to gain instant information. By 2012 one out of every two cell phones will be a smartphone. A recent study by Webtrends suggests: and mobile networks will dominate the online traffic landscape in a big way...The game is no longer about the comforts of your website's 'Walled Garden', but about the risks and rewards of arriving on the social network."
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  • Ethical SEO & Ethical Standards

    I've recently heard a pretty nasty horror story about how a local Chicago online marketing firm treated their client. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the details but the situation prompted me to point out some issues regarding ethical SEO practices, ethical treatment as it pertains to clients and Internet marketing in general. Let all of us in any business remember that without our clients and consumers we have nothing. No business, no revenue, and zero credibility and no pot to cook in. How we treat those that spend their hard earned money and revenue on our products and services is critical to longevity and long term success. Respect, honesty, transparency should run both ways in any healthy relationship. Is it time for the ethics lesson? Yes, it is. There are certain industries that rank at the bottom of the barrel on the respect meter. Lawyers and car dealers are the first to my mind. Coming up fast behind are the Internet marketing outfits. Over my nine years in the industry...
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  • Time to Unplug: 9-11 & Being Human

    9 |11 | 2001 was the worst day in my personal record. I was not in New York but hundreds of miles away in Chicago. I remember the call while I was getting ready for work. My dear friend in Colorado called me and said, "Al, turn on the t.v." Nothing for me or our country has been the same since. I saw the second plane crash into the Twin Towers live as it happened and my shock and terror was beyond my own personal experience or comprehension. As I drove into work I was caught at a stop light. As I slowly crossed the street, a woman passing in the opposite direction looked at me and I looked at her. Both of us were in tears as we acknowledge one another, sharing a tragic moment. In one fleeting moment we gave each other a nod which spoke volumes of understanding, sorrow, fear, love, and support. We both knew that it would have been okay to pull over and comfort one another while America was in the throws of a full terror attack. We didn't have any other form of communication av...
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  • 10 Commandments of SEO

    Top 10 Commandments of Search Engine Optimization [Part 1]

    And the Cheif Searchologist spoke saying, "I search therefore I am. And being of, for, about, and that I do live by the search...I put fourth to you these 10 Search Engine Commandments to pull you from the hands of insanity and perpetual aggrivation.
    1. You shall not trust any SEO firm which guarantees top placement for thy keywords.
    2. Thou shall not create duplicate content.
    3. Thou shall not steal content and spinneth said content for your own site or purpose.
    4. Thou shall not buyest links for the Google gods will surly punish thee.
    5. You shall not Google-Bomb thy neighbor.
    6. Thou shall not write false reviews to improveth thy reputation.
    7. Thou shall not believeth that social media is thy savior nor that social media can be totally controlled or contained from the occasional bad review.
    8. Thou ...
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  • Top Ten SEO Tips – Post Panda Update

    The new Google Panda updates are offering up new challenges for SEO professionals and for business owners. One of the old rules of SEO was supporting all on-page SEO with excellent link building. As usual, many Internet marketing companies and SEO pros abused links to game the algorithms of Google, BING, and Yahoo. Google rightfully so, decided enough was enough. Links are not the way to achieve top search results any more. Quality links are still needed but quality content is need even more. Ask yourself how many times you have clicked on a search result only to find that the contents of the site you land on are not what you were looking for in the first place. How did that happen? Links. Thousands of links point to websites with low quality content but have been rewarded for years based on how many links point to the site. There is a reason why Google is the dominant player in the U.S. search market...they provide the best results and they intend to keep it that way. Below are th...
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  • Google’s Panda Algorithm Update – Steps to help your site now

    Google recently announced a major change in their search engine algorithm dubbed the “Farmer” update. In short, Google is targeting content farms that host and hold massive amounts of articles and various content collection sites. These websites provide little to the searching individuals in way of content and relevancy.  Think of massive dumpsters collecting crap and said crap is served up (based on search queries] as high quality content. Google does not like this nor do we, the searching public. Google wants high quality content which is the main reason they currently own 70% [or better] of the U.S. search market. Recent stories have gained high publicity and could tarnish Google’s squeaky clean reputation for serving up only the very best results. What Google does not like…Google changes…and fast. JC Penny was called out by the New York Times for b...
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  • Pay Per Click Does What it Can Not What it Must

    Over the years I've been asked over and over again which is per click or search engine optimization. I've never really had a definitive answer for this question. It really depends on what your company objectives are and how quickly you would like to reach these goals. It is very important to note that pay per click is not what it once was; less populated, easier to use, and much easier to gain higher pay per click rank. It is equally important to note that pay per click can be just as costly as search engine optimization. Here are a few things that you should know before starting any pay per click campaign.
    1. Your entire marketing budget should not be throw into any one marketing channel. A good mixture of advertising is the best if you have the ability to do so. Many avenues which allow your company to reach out to potential buyers and customers is always recommended. However, if you are limited with your budget, pay per click is fast and delivers good results.
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    2. Online Privacy – Why big media is ignoring the issue

      Online spying and privacy is the biggest issue that media is not talking all.

      There is something big coming around the bend. Our online privacy, freedom of speech, Constitutional rights and our very personal freedom is now inches away from being lost forever. This is not conspiracy theory nor is is some tin-foil-hat crazy talk. We are embarking on a new terrible reality: everything we do and say online can and will [ultimately] be used against us in the court of public opinion, by our employers, by our prospective employers, by our government. But you won't hear about any of this in the main stream media. You won't hear any of this coming on your local news but it is the most important issue facing our collective rights and our very democracy. Why is this not in the news and why are we all terribly uninformed?

      What is happening out in online privacy land?

      Wired recently reported on the NSA building the
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    3. Nonworking Media Spend: Another Buzz Word With Teeth

      A recent article in Advertising Age discussed the idea of 'nonworking media spend' vs. working media vs. earned media and [for the love of Pete] owned media.  In short, the article discusses the rising requests from large companies, asking agency partners to trim down the cost of content production. For example: spend less on creative, creative thinking, concepts, content, production and just give us red meat to throw at the masses. But whatever you do Agency Types...quit charging us for what you do best...creativity. God forbid we pay for your time...we just...can't The emergence of nonworking media spend is utter B.S. The idea that you take the creative out of the process and demand a lesser fee so the client can dump it into working media is understandable...however it does not work. Agencies create. They have entire teams who's...
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