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  • Improving Search Rankings Systematically with Agency Partner, Hipcraft

    Digital marketing evolves, and just as the praxis of marketing requires the addition on new skills, sometimes new alliances are useful for ensuring optimal effects for clients. We are proud to announce a partnership with the digital agency, Hipcraft, which specializes in providing guaranteed SEO results for clients.  At Searchology, we pride ourselves with working with top partner agencies in order to ensure quality services for our clients, and this partnership is just another effort we have been making to ensure our clients' success!...
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  • Facebook In Big Trouble – What You Need to Know Now

    Top 10 things Facebook Doesn't Want You to Know

    There have been some pretty massive stories coming out about Facebook, the 2016 election, and your data. Below are some big reasons why this is trouble for Facebook and why this may spell trouble for your advertising. Let's start with the top-line information:
    1. Facebook provided detailed data on 50 million users to a company called Cambridge Analytica.
      1. Cambridge Analytica was created by Steve Bannon who was the campaign manager for Trump in 2016.
      2. The harvested the data by using polls and digital surveys for the information and used it in order to impact the 2016 election, send out false news stories, and sway public opinion.
      3. Read more at Vox fo...
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  • Net Neutrality Basics and Overview

    What is Net Neutrality?
    • The principles if Net Neutrality:
      • Keep the Internet free for all to use
      • Anyone can access to the Internet and all the contents therein
      • No single person or entity owns or controls the Internet
      • Protects free speech
      • Provides all users with the ability to freely communicate
      • Content cannot be filtered or blocked
      • Apps and websites cannot be blocked
      • Speed throttling is prohibited
      • Paid ‘fast lanes’ are not allowed
    What is the status of Net Neutrality?
    • On December 14th, 2017, the FCC voted [3-2] to kill the TITLE II section adopted the Obama Administration in 2015. Anjit Pai is the FCC chairman and was in full opposition to Net Neutrality and the votes were down party lines.
      • Title II was adopted, “by the Federal Communications Commission under form...
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  • Russia used Facebook to Market Fake News

    Facebook Sold $100K to Russian Trolls

    Multiple news organizations are reporting that Russian operatives and ‘troll farms’ worked together and intentionally targeted specific groups of individuals with fake news stories. This news seems to support multiple investigations, by U.S. intelligence agencies, that Russia interfered with the 2016 US presidential election. Adding to the current political environment, political influence by foreign agents or entities is against federal law. According to reports from the Washington Post, The Independent, and others, Russian ‘trolls’ used multiple Facebook accounts to circulate fake news stories and promote those profiles by way of $100,000 ad spend. It is apparent, based on U.S. intelligence...
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  • Your Personal Searches Are Now For Sale

    Nothing you do on the Internet will be will be sold.

    Imagine, if you will, a world where everything you do through your ISP [Internet Service Provider] is now up for sale and scrutiny. Nothing you watch, post, respond to, research, or buy will be private. Every key-stroke will be up for sale. Your entire digital life and browser history is heading to the auction block. If Congress, POTUS, and the ISPs have their way...this deal could be singed very soon. In short, this new rule rolls back all of the privacy protections you once had. Previously, ISPs had to have your express permission to sell your private information. Under the new rule...all of your browsing information will be for sale and there will be NOTHING you can do about it. More...
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  • Why Does SEO Take So Long To Impact My Website?

    Ugh, why is my SEO taking so long?

    Over the years, I have been asked this too many times to count. Search engine optimization takes a long time. I've been working in the digital space for around 14 years. Several years ago, SEO took less time to take hold and improve rankings. Now...SEO can take several months to a year plus. With this in mind, there are a few questions that may come to mind:
    1. Is search engine optimization worth the effort?
    2. How long is SEO going to take to improve my rankings?
    3. What are the factors that impact search engine results?
    These are all very heavy and difficult questions to answer. Stay with me and I will provide you with the insight you need to make the right decision for your business and website.

    Is Search Engine Optimization Worth The Effort?

    In short, yes. SEO leads tend to close at a much higher rate than paid, email, and [certainly] social media. In fact, according to
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  • DigitalBeerCast Initial Launch

    Digital BeerCast Is Now Live

    September 16, 2016 Searchology is delighted to announce our newest endeavor. Digital BeerCast [DBC]. Digital BeerCast will focus on all things Internet including sales, channel attribution, SEO, and much more. Searchology has teamed up with Mr.Marketology and Jeff Bele in order to provide our clients and website visitors with thought-provoking commentary and  insights all things search. Our weekly videocast will provide unique interviews with business owners in our local communities, experts in SEO, paid search, branding and much more. Of course, we will be featuring a select beer every week with each videocast. All of our delicious beverages will come from local breweries and brewmasters.  After all, what goes better than search engines and a tasty adult beverage? Our primary topics of weekly discussion:
    • Digital marketing
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    • Searchology Celebrates 7 Years

      Searchology Celebrates 7 Years of Digital A&M Service

      We are truly delighted to have made it for seven years working in our chosen field of digital marketing and advertising. I have been in the search engine marketing field prior to 2001. I really got excited about it with my first job in the space cold calling companies from the phone book and offering them top place position on Google and Yahoo. Back in 2002, most of the work was very simple and very easy to drive high-quality website traffic without much of a fuss. We are forever thankful for our long term clients, past clients, and future clients. Our company cannot claim success without the continued support, trust, and business from our clients, friends, and family. Our unconditional respect and love for all of those that have helped us get to where we are today. Of course, the digital space is not without its highs and lows. My how things have changed over the years.

      What Have We Learned About Search Engin...

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    • SEO Extortion is a Real Thing…Here is How to Prevent It

      Don't become a victim of SEO extortion

      Clients get extorted all of the time in the digital marketing and advertising realm, they simply may not call it 'extortion.' It is a hard topic to discuss for some, but paramount for all of us to have a 'come to Moses' moment. If you fall out of favor with your digital marketing company for some reason, be prepared for the possibility of becoming a victim of extortion. If you fail to pay your prepared for the potentiality of becoming a victim. If you decide to switch vendors, get ready for a possible hijacking of your company's digital assets.

      What is digital hijacking or SEO extortion?

      First, let us understand why this happens and what you can do to protect yourself. While the vast majority of digital marketing companies are very fair and honest...there are those who will take your entire website into the deep bowels of hell if you mess with them. Why does this happen?
      1. Late invoice payment
      2. ...
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    • The SEO Evolution

      Search engine optimization has evolved...and quickly

      Search engine optimization used to be a pretty easy process. Write killer content, ensure website use-ability, check your meta data, build links and the rest should come naturally. This of course is the very simple version of old school SEO. Times have changed and they have changed forever. I've long said that search engine optimization is NOT about attaining top position for desired keywords but how well your website does it's job. Top ranking and higher keyword rank will come as a result. From a client perspective this idea helped to manage expectation and from the Searchology perspective this helped to downplay the importance of 'first place always wins'. Roughly 70% of all visitors click on natural search results and 25% click on paid search adverts. The remainder click on other opportunities. However, search engines are no longer the only place to find what you are looking for. Facebook now has over 800 mill...
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