Process, Values & Mission

Digital Process, Values & Mission

Digital Marketing And Advertising Process

Our process begins with our clients. We want to understand how your business works and what you are looking for with your digital marketing partner. We want to come to a mutual understanding about your expectations and what we can deliver based on budgets, personnel, available content, and past experience.  We understand that in 2016, this may not be your fist experience with search engine optimization or digital marketing. We take additional steps to understand what has worked for you in that past in order to decipher what will or will not work for you in the future. Our process is specifically designed and crafted to reach your key performance indicators and best your expectations. We attempt to leave no stone unturned and continually grow and arise to everyday digital challenges to ensure your experience with Searchology is better than any other you’ve had with past vendors. Our goal, of course, is to be your digital partner…not your vendor.  Our process is as follows:

  • Initial discovery
  • Define and outline your business, website, ROI and expectations/goals
  • Create and define your conversion metrics
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Asset analysis and discovery
  • Define available budgets
  • Define, discuss, and channel opportunities
  • Create a digital marketing and advertising strategy [may include: search engine optimization, paid search, tracking solutions, etc.]
  • Implement digital plan
  • Testing/Data Driven Decisions
  • Reporting

Searchology Values

We have strong values that have been passed on from past generations. In other words, we are a little ‘old school’ with our approach. Our word is our bond and our work is our ambition achieved. Most certainly we are not the biggest Chicago SEO and marketing firm out there…but we will work tirelessly for our clients and spend extra time, effort, and energy to get the job done right. Our company values are:

  • Our clients come first
  • Our clients deserve the truth above all else
  • We will continue our service and support as long as needed
  • We go above and beyond our contractual obligations
  • We provide the best service at the most affordable price
  • We believe in providing the latest news and education for our clients in order to keep them informed of the every changing digital landscape

Searchology Mission Statement

We fully understand that every project has its potential pitfalls. We guarantee our work and if for any reason you become dissatisfied, you can cancel our agreement with 30 days notice. In the event we have an amicable termination of our relationship, we vow to support your efforts and transition to an in-house team if ever needed. We believe that long-term relationships are the very core of our existence and we abide by truth, transparency, honesty, and integrity.




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