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Improving Search Rankings Systematically with Agency Partner, Hipcraft
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Digital marketing evolves, and just as the praxis of marketing requires the addition on new skills, sometimes new alliances are useful for ensuring optimal effects for clients. We are proud to announce a partnership with the digital agency, Hipcraft, which specializes in providing guaranteed SEO results for clients.  At Searchology, we pride ourselves with working with top partner agencies in order to ensure quality services for our clients, and this partnership is just another effort we have been making to ensure our clients’ success!  This exclusive partnership will help our company provide higher-levels of service, and we just want to cover some of the benefits this partnership will offer you by working with Searchology.

SEO Experts in the Midwest Region

By forming our partnership for providing search optimization services, you now have the power of two agencies which focus on adding value for clients.  The leadership team at Hipcraft are also organizers for the group, SEO Kansas City, which is a new not-for-profit group focused on helping local business owners gain the most benefit from search engine optimization for their companies.  At Searchology, we are based in Chicagoland, and our combined efforts will ensure you get the best quality of service that can be found in the Midwest!

Pay on Results with Our Partnership

As a business owner, we know it can be difficult to find the right solution for your SEO needs.  After all, over the years, business owners have been bombarded with offers from digital marketing agencies that promise results.  Our partnership works a bit differently.

With Hipcraft’s performance based SEO service, prospective clients get the results first, before the availability to pay for services.  This type of arrangement reduces the risk of the business owner of “paying and hoping for results” in that the results (with this service) are already delivered prior to being billed for services.  We love this type of arrangement, and it’s no wonder why this type of service is becoming more popular for our eCommerce clients!

A System that Works

As optimization experts, we highly rely on our systems, and our partnership makes sense because it just works.  Based on the Management Cybernetics application proposed by Stafford Beer, the Hipcraft Company has developed their service built on a solid cybernetic system which is pretty effective at delivering the repeatable result, which is more customers from improved rankings in search engines.  Though the system is proprietary, the service built into the system provides prospective clients with the ability to reach goals with improved search rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) with visibility into the progress which can be accessed 24/7 through their ALIVE Reports Rankings Dashboard.

We are excited for this partnership, and we hope you will consider being one of our first 1,000 users with this solution.  You can count on the synergistic efforts of the two Midwest-based SEO agencies to help support your next campaign from start-to-finish.  If you’d like more information on how this off-page SEO solution will help to improve your rankings in search engines, please contact us today!


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