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Free PPC Audits – Google Ads and Bing

Free Pay Per Click Audits for Google Ads and Bing

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Searchology is delighted to offer free Pay Per Click Campaign and Ad group audits for Bing Advertising and Google Ads. A recent study has provided some fascinating numbers and statistics clearly showing why many pay per click campaigns fail. Some key findings from Disruptive Advertising:

  • 42% of Google Ads campaign managers have no idea if their work is delivering results
  • 50% of pay per click campaigns are tracking any useful information or KPIs
  • The majority of the accounts within this study show that over 50% are spending their budgets wisely and effectively
  • Over 50% of the paid search campaigns have low-quality scores, conversion rates, and subpar click-through rates [CTRs]
  • Read more of the pay per click study here.

Searchology wants to help correct these issues. Why? We believe the more companies know about paid search advertising the more equipped they will be for ‘data-driven decisions’. And yes, we also believe once you see the work we do…the more trust you will have when we ask for your pay per click business.

What is involved with your free pay per click audit?

  • keyword review and keyword match type
  • keyword bidding, campaign bidding, and device type bidding
  • Ad quality and ad quality scores
  • Site links and site link extensions
  • Campaign and ad group structure
  • Conversion tracking and campaign tracking
  • Targeting and device targeting options
  • YTD and monthly review
  • Review of primary KPIs [key performance indicators]
    • Cost per click [CPC]
    • Cost per conversion – [CPC or CPA or CPLs]
    • Click through rates [CTRs]
    • Budget spend and ROI or ROAS [return on advertising spend]
    • Full ad group review and keyword recommendations
  • Written report covering all of these items complete with recommendations

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