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Pay Per Click Cost and Pricing

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Pay Per Click Management And Pricing

Searchology has worked in many different verticals for B2B clients and B2C clients. If you want to achieve top rankings without waiting for your SEO campaign to kick in…pay per click advertising is for you. Patience is required with paid search just as it is with anything that can deliver a strong ROI. Our clients see, on average, six to one return for every dollar spent and as high as 25 to 1 for every dollar spent.

If you run your own account, need a new PPC campaign built, or want to transfer your account from another agency, Searhcology can help get all of it done with finesse and expediency.

PPC is so cool…and blazingly fast

The wonderful thing about PPC is it is very specific in how it works. We can do all of the following with Pay Per Click Advertising [Google Ad Words, Bing Yahoo, 7Search, and more]:

  • Target your specific audience and location
  • Pay for clicks not for exposure
  • See real results like
    • Phone calls
    • Conversions/Leads/Sales
    • Cost per click
    • Impressions [how many times you ad has been seen]
    • Click through rates [effectively…a response rate]
  • Strict budget management – monthly, daily, weekly
  • Multiple Ad variations
    • Banners
    • Text Ads
    • Mobile Ads
    • Call To Action
    • Sales
    • Unique call outs
  • Scaleable – turn budgets on, off, increase, or decrease as needed

    All of our pay per click advertising services include:

    • PC digital strategy
    • Ad extensions
    • Full campaign set up
    • Call extensions
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword match types
    • Display copy
    • E-commerce integration
    • Ad copy
    • Monthly management
    • Tracking
    • Monthly reporting
    • Bid management
    • Monthly optimization
    • Competitive research and analysis
    • Full integration with all Google and associated search engine products

    Pay Per Click Fees

    • Pay per click audits starting at – $500.00 per audit
    • $400.00 – $1,500.00 set up fee – this is based on size, scope, and complexity of each pay per click campaign
    • Monthly management fee based on percentage of advertising spend

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