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All Searchology reviews were provided by current and past clients and all comments
are truly the remarks of each respective owner.

  • Searchology Review from Jana S.

    “I have worked with Searchology and Alton for the last 4 years.  This social media/Google/AdWords market is a racket. It is a frustrating and confusing industry. I have found that people claim they are experts in this field but they really do not know what they are doing. In my past experiences, I have lost thousands of dollars in trying to correct or fix others mistakes…etc.  Searchology has been my saving grace to me and my business.  Alton is honest and has been so helpful. If your business is small or large – Sarchology can do a great job for you!   I have appreciated all they have done for me.  It has been a game changer in my business.”

    Jana B.

  • D. McLeod

    Searchology exceeded our expectations. We’ve worked with quite a few outsourced teams in programming and search marketing – and Alton and his team were hands down the most professional, experienced, and timely we have dealt with. We got constant phone calls, emails, and updates without prompt. In fact, there were even times when we had been neglecting our PPC efforts and Alton was more on top of the project than we were. They were fully committed and invested in the project.

  • Alton truly partners with his clients so they can realize the best possible results; he has a positive attitude and is brimming with resources. Alton exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend his services.

  • J. O’Brien, EVP
    Laughlin Constable

    Amazed at the 100% success rate of getting our client sites listed at the top of search engine results and the ongoing success of generating targeted website traffic by incorporating ethical search engine optimization. Searchology was instrumental in providing top quality PPC services, sales conversion strategies and ROI set-up and analytics.

  • M. Amberson
    Dividend Forcast

    Alton is a real pro when it comes to driving traffic to your site. He is responsive and a hard worker. It is great to have him as a partner on this quest.

  • “I’ve been contacted by more SEO companies than I can remember and they all made promises about what they could deliver and how long it would take.  Alton was the first to tell me he wouldn’t make any promises on quick results, but rather promised to build a sustainable solution that would provide a foundation for growth and that is exactly what he has done.  We’re very pleased with the results and are excited about the future of our web presence.  The insights and feedback we received from Searchology have helped us formulate a strategy that will continue to deliver results.  I have recommended Alton to several of my friends and colleagues and would continue to do so.”

    Paul S.

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