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All of our services are geared toward your success. With over 17 years of digital marketing and advertising, we custom build every campaign, SEO project, website design, and effort just for your company. We have worked in multiple industries for lead generation to e-commerce. We are confident that we can help move your digital presence into the next phase of success.

Affordable SEO

Affordable and effective SEO is what we love. SEO is not just a job…it is a passion…a language…a science…a skill…and a creation. 75% of Internet users don’t make it to page 2 of a Google search. Get a free customized SEO audit now.

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PPC Management

Over 50% of Internet users can’t differentiate between natural listings and paid search listings. Dollar for dollar one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach the number one position. Locally, nationally and for any keyword of your choosing.

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Affiliate Marketing/Management

Affiliate marketing and management requires more than ADMIN access. You need to work with your network and provide them with unique offerings in order to make the most out of it. We have over 8 years of experience growing affiliate networks and driving ROI.

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SEO / PPC Training

If you want to keep everything in-house, Searchology can train your team on SEO, paid search advertising, analytics, and more. Alton J. Duderstadt II, is the top midwest trainer for Imparture and past digital marketing instructor at Columbia College Chicago.

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Reputation Management

No matter what, you MUST protect your brand online. You never know what pitfalls await. Chance favors the prepared mind. Make sure you take the opportunity before you end up fighting an uphill battle. Increase your website reviews now.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising

Searchology provides more than SEO and paid search. If you need a new custom website, redesign, or a full digital marketing strategy with deliverables, we can help.

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Web Services

Need website services? Website redesign? Apps? Database solutions? We can help. From concept to delivery.

WordPress Design

A company website is your calling card to the world. We make sure every line of code is correct while delivering designs that inspire and drive traffic. Our primary focus is on WordPress design and WordPress redesign.

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Web Development

If you need a full website, we can provide all of the design, support, and implemented SEO work to get your company, brand, service, and product positioned for success.

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Mobile Apps Development

60% of user time is being spent on mobile devices is time spent with Apps. If you need a high quality and super functional mobile application, you have come to the right place.

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Digital Marketing

Search is now UNIVERSAL and mobile. At one time search engines only provided information on websites and advertising. Now search has gone universal by displaying results from video, websites, news articles, blogs, photos and more. Soon, search results will include social network comments and posts as well. Thus, it is very important to manage and maintain a strong profile in almost every facet of search results. Internet marketing can fill that need. Searchology has the experience and ability to create online traffic, higher ranked websites, and drive quality visitors. In addition, we track your website in order to track ROI and provide a link between online marketing efforts and results.

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What Our Clients Say

There’s a good reason why our client retention rate is above 97%. Those who work with us stay with us. Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

“Alton is referred to as “Dr. Search” for a reason. He has a complete understanding of the strategies and tactics for succeeding with search engine marketing. Whether you define that as search advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, or content development – Alton should be one of the first professionals you contact about the job.”

“He is visionary within the field and understands how to incorporate search specific strategies with a larger digital vision.”


Dr. Search

“In the age-old industry of general advertising, there are all types of people. In the internet advertising industry, one finds many people with an almost scientific sense of integrity. Cause & effects are measurable: impressions, clicks, conversions, orders, sales. One can research, one can trace, one can discover… Few people go to the end of the story to find explanations that make sense, then check their answers multiple times. Alton is one of these people!”

“Working with him, for almost a year now, has felt like having Lieutenant Columbo on your team. Alton seeks the answer, the right answer, then builds from there to gain efficiencies and increase sales for his company.”

Fred B.

Lt. Columbo

“It’s no secret that this economic turmoil has impacted just about everyone, and most marketing departments have been hit very hard. Very rarely do you find someone who desires to step forward and take the reins when there is a low likelihood for a positive outcome. That was not the case with Alton, he not only accepted the responsibility, he quickly went into triage mode and was able to prioritize all of the programs. He then executed all the difficult decisions required of him and now has the ship efficiently sailing towards calmer waters.”

“If you need someone to guide your business in the right direction then I recommend you take a look at Alton for that role.”

Daniel Y.

No Crash…no burn

“I have worked with Searchology and Alton for the last 4 years.  This social media/Google/AdWords market is a racket. It is a frustrating and confusing industry. I have found that people claim they are experts in this field but they really do not know what they are doing. In my past experiences, I have lost thousands of dollars in trying to correct or fix others mistakes…etc.  Searchology has been my saving grace to me and my business.  Alton is honest and has been so helpful. If your business is small or large – Sarchology can do a great job for you!   I have appreciated all they have done for me.  It has been a game changer in my business.”

Jana B.

Searchology Review from Jana S.

Searchology exceeded our expectations. We’ve worked with quite a few outsourced teams in programming and search marketing – and Alton and his team were hands down the most professional, experienced, and timely we have dealt with. We got constant phone calls, emails, and updates without prompt. In fact, there were even times when we had been neglecting our PPC efforts and Alton was more on top of the project than we were. They were fully committed and invested in the project.

D. McLeod

Alton truly partners with his clients so they can realize the best possible results; he has a positive attitude and is brimming with resources. Alton exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend his services.

J. Johnson

Amazed at the 100% success rate of getting our client sites listed at the top of search engine results and the ongoing success of generating targeted website traffic by incorporating ethical search engine optimization. Searchology was instrumental in providing top quality PPC services, sales conversion strategies and ROI set-up and analytics.

J. O’Brien, EVP

Alton is a real pro when it comes to driving traffic to your site. He is responsive and a hard worker. It is great to have him as a partner on this quest.

M. Amberson

“I’ve been contacted by more SEO companies than I can remember and they all made promises about what they could deliver and how long it would take.  Alton was the first to tell me he wouldn’t make any promises on quick results, but rather promised to build a sustainable solution that would provide a foundation for growth and that is exactly what he has done.  We’re very pleased with the results and are excited about the future of our web presence.  The insights and feedback we received from Searchology have helped us formulate a strategy that will continue to deliver results.  I have recommended Alton to several of my friends and colleagues and would continue to do so.”

Paul S.

Paul S. Searchology SEO and PPC Review

About Searchology

Searchology® was launched in 2009 by Alton J. Duderstadt II with the primary goal of providing truth and transparency regarding search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, website analytics, and all things related to online marketing. Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best online marketing services and recommendations based on their unique goals and business models.

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